Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

To make the experience of renting a spa from bubbles a safe process for everyone we have devised a number of terms and conditions. Whilst these terms and conditions are not intended to be restrictive they are enforced to ensure that your safety, the safety of our staff and the safety of our equipment is maintained at all times. 

1.0 Booking

1.0.1    Booking a spa rental must be done through the bubbles website, www.bubbleshire.com

1.0.2    In order to secure a booking you have to agree to the terms and conditions page by ticking the box on the last page of your order you also need to pay a holding deposit of no less than £50. This deposit is completely refundable up to 14 days before the date of your rental. You will not be offered a refund if you cancel within the 14 days of your booking. You can also elect to pay in full at the time of booking. 

1.0.3    Bubbles spa hire is located in Tamworth Staffordshire for the purposes of Google our postcode is B775FD. We supply spa hire equipment approximately 15 miles from this postcode. We are able to supply Spas up to 30 miles away from this postcode however there is a charge 1 pound per Mile after 15 miles. It is worth noting that this figure is also charged for collection. 

1.0.4    You will also need to supply invalid email address and telephone number in order for your booking to be confirmed. 

1.0.5    You may contact the bubbles booking team through an online account which will be created during the booking process you’ll be sent an email regarding this bubbles account during registration. 

1.0.6    Payment is to be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

2.0 Bubbles Rewards

2.0.1 Bubbles rewards is a loyalty program which allows the recipient to collect bubbles points. Bubbles points can be used as money off vouchers against future rentals. For every two days rented you will receive 200 bubbles points. For the rental of a gazebo you will receive 100 bubbles points. these points can be used against future spa rentals both in your name or friends and family members. 

3.0 The Rental: Installation

3.0.1    The spa equipment supplied Is to be maintained and handled in accordance with instructions given to you by the installation engineer. 

3.0.2    The Spa equipment may not be moved once installed, it is therefore important to ensure the location you choose is the best possible before installation.

3.0.3    Currently bubbles only use Lay-Z-Spa branded inflatable pools. There are a number of terms and conditions defined by this company in relation to the safe use of the spa equipment. A copy of the instruction manual for the pool is supplied with your rental pack.

3.0.4    Bubbles require a parking space near to the installation location. It is the responsibility of the renter to make sure that suitable parking is provided for the safe transportation of the spa from the bubbles vehicle to the desired resting location. 

3.0.5    Should Bubbles be required to pay any parking fees then this must be reimbursed by the renter.

3.0.6    Prior to its installation the installation engineer will request a £100 deposit. 

3.1 The Rental: Requirements

3.1.0    The spa pump unit requires a continuous electricity supply of no less than 2650 W. For this reason your spa should only be plugged in to a dedicated mains electrical socket capable of delivering a continuous power supply of this wattage. You may not use generators the power the unit.

3.1.2    In certain circumstances it may be appropriate for the use of an industrial extension lead, supplied by bubbles. You must not under any circumstances use this extension lead for any other purpose whilst in your possession. You may not use any other extension lead with the spa equipment as this could cause damage to both your extension lead and our equipment for which you will be charged. 

3.1.3    In order for the pool to be filled we require an outdoor tap or an indoor tap close to the location where the spa is to be installed.

3.1.4    The rental of your spa usually begins at 9 o’clock in the morning and a 24 hour charging period lasts from 12pm until 12pm the following day. 

3.1.5    Where possible will always install your spa at a dedicated time specified by you however it is acknowledged that sometimes the slots are not available and the next available slot prior or after the slot requested will be offered. 

3.1.6    Where possible your spa will be installed the previous day this will ensure that the spa has ample time to heat up and for the chemicals to balance. 

3.1.7    Once installed your spa will be installed with a shock dose of chlorine. This quantity of chlorine is significantly higher than is usually  required to successfully cleanse the spa. This is to remove any bacteria in the pool prior to its first use. It is therefore critical that you do not use the spa until the water is safe and the chlorine level has reached its normal amount. 

3.1.8    The spa pump unit is capable of filtering the water to very high quality. This can only be achieved by regular cleansing of the removable filter unit located inside the spa pool. Your installation engineer will advise you on how to cleanse this filter. You may find that failure to clean this filter will prompt the pump unit to display an error message E02. This message is displayed to inform you that the pump unit is unable to filter water as the pump filter is dirty. To remedy this remove the pump filter from inside the pool, wash under a hot tap until all dirty filtered particles have been removed, replace into the housing and restart the pump and the message should disappear. If the message does not disappear please contact your installation engineer. 

3.1.9    The Spa Pump unit is able to heat the water in the pool at approximately 2° per hour. Once the temperature desired is attained it is recommended you keep the spa at this temperature during your rental this not only saves electricity but also saves time when you want to use your spa. 

3.1.10    During your rental it may be necessary for you to add certain chemicals to your spa to ensure that it is kept clean and safe. You will be left for instructions on how to add the chemicals to your spa and when you need to add it. If you are in any doubt whatsoever you are encouraged to make contact with your installation engineer for further guidance.

3.1.11    it is not recommended for children under the age of eight use the spa. The reason behind this is that children’s body temperature can be massively affected by water. If you decide your child can use the spa this is your decision. 

3.1.12    You may not smoke whilst using any of our spa equipment. 

3.1.13    Bubbles accept no responsibility for personal injury, damage to third-party property or damage to any electrical installation due to the mis use of our spa equipment. 

3.2 The Rental: Medical Considerations 

3.2.1    Pregnant women are requested to seek advice of a healthcare professional before using any spa equipment due to the temperatures of the water involved. 

3.2.2    Persons who are suffering from stomach complaints should also refrain from using the spa. 

3.3 The Rental: Damage

3.3.1    Damage to the spa equipment will be charged at the following rates. 

Damage to Pool £300
Damage to pump unit £300
Damage to lid £100
Damage to liner mats or steps £150

This list is not intended to be exhaustive but is a guide on prices you can expect to be charged in the event of damage to any spa equipment. 

4.0 Collection

4.0.1    Collection of the equipment Will be agreed with your installation engineer at the time of installation. Whilst it’s not important that you are present we do require a 240 V electrical supply so that we can use a high-powered pumps to empty your spa. 

4.0.2    Failed collections will be charged at a full day rate, £45.

5.0 Extras: Gazebos 

5.0.1     It is possible for you to rent a gazebo unit which is designed to complement your bubbles spa. This gazebo can be moved and adjusted as desired once installed. It is advised during periods of high wind the gazebo is taken down. 

6.0 Extras: Speakers

6.0.1    Bubbles are able to offer you with high-powered rechargeable outdoor speaker units which can be used for parties and outdoor events. The speakers do require charging and last approximately 4 to 6 hours on a single charge. The speaker will be supplied to you fully charged. Relies upon a Bluetooth connection to a mobile telephone or tablet. It also requires you to have music on your device or a suitable music streaming subscription. The speaker unit is not waterproof it is therefore designed to be kept away from any spa or Pool. 

7.0 Extras: Heaters

7.0.1    Bubbles are happy to offer an outdoor heater unit. This heater is designed to be used with a changing gazebo which can be supplied. It is imperative that this heater unit has its own independent electrical supply not connected to the spa unit. 

8.0 Extras: Towels

8.0.1    Bubbles are happy to offer towels to you for the duration of your rental. Towel bales are supplied in quantities of six. Towels are rental only and not yours to keep. The towels supplied will be freshly laundered and sealed for your use and will be collected by the installation engineer at the time of collection. Damage to these towels will be charged at £12 per towel.

9.0 Using your information. 

9.0.1    Bubbles takes your safety, security and privacy extremely seriously. Bubbles will never give your personal information to a third party not even for marketing purposes. All information supplied to bubbles will be kept completely secure. Bubbles only use one computer system and this is secured using market leading security software. Bubbles do not use Microsoft products and our servers are all Apple iMac based. Bubbles may from time to time contact you with promotional emails but if you would prefer not to receive these simply let us know.